Reveal opportunities, discover hidden value potential and exceed your expectations – PartnerGate offers domain management solutions that will ignite your core business and streamline your cost model. Experience it for yourself!


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We're Your Partner

Our company name indicates what’s important to us; being your partner. We believe in establishing trust and the fair treatment of our customers. It’s because of those reasons that we don’t offer any end-user or server products that might compete with your business. Loyalty is important to us and that’s why we won’t create offers for the customers of our resellers or partners.

Our white label reseller module makes it possible for you to offer your customers or resellers their own customized domain management system.

We do not see ourselves as mere supplier, but rather as your business partner, interested in making your business more successful. We support your business by sending inquiries and interested customers directly to you. In addition to this, we have defined minimum requirements for direct collaboration (domain inventory or revenue) and will forward the request to our partner network if a reseller prospect won't fulfill this.

Tailored Solutions

One-size-fits-all offers are contrary to our understanding of partnership and added value; we offer solutions that are in line with your business and goals. From the beginning of a partnership we take the time to understand all the details of your business model and based on these findings, create offers that are exactly right for your needs.

Industry Know-How

Experience, competence and well established connections; for over 17 years, we’ve been handling domain management for customers while expanding our ability and know-how. By collaborating with us, our partners benefit from our solid relationships with registries, industry associations and other companies representing the marketplace. PartnerGate is up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the industry. Our highly qualified team is ready to assist you in a quick and competent manner.


You can depend on us for operational reliability. Our PartnerGate domain management system is proprietary and is also a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution which is operated and maintained internally by us. The system is designed for redundancy and is operated in a state-of-the-art data center. Accessibility is guaranteed via multiple, parallel internet connections, ensuring you an annual availability of 99.9%.

Partner Marketing

We help your business to be a success by supporting you with cooperative marketing. Whether it's a promotion offering selected TLDs at especially attractive terms or providing a landing page advertising your campaign, it’s our goal to make your domain business a success!

We’ll happily provide you comparative data to show which actions were particularly successful.