What Our Customers Say

A close and direct relationship with our clients is extremely important to us and a necessary component to realising our outstanding service. On this page, you'll read what some of our long-term customers are saying about us.

"PartnerGate enables us not only to administer the technical part of our own membership at DENIC, but also provides us a comfortable and high-performance domain name management system that we use to administer our client´s domain portfolios."

Olaf Fischer, Managing Director
Claranet GmbH - Managed Services Provider

"For our domain name management business, we have been looking for a registrar who focuses on partnership and competent support. PartnerGate is exactly the partner we were looking for." 

Andreas Weigert, Managing Director


"The ordering system is one of the best systems we have been working with and provides great usability. Additional features such as ordering SSL certificates give PartnerGate the edge."

Wolfgang von der Becke, Managing Director
Terions Communication


"PartnerGate enables us to efficiently administer all technical aspects of our registry memberships for an affordable price. Additionally, it is an ideal platform to manage the large domain name portfolios of our clients."

Ingo Kraupa, CEO
noris network AG - Managed IT-Services/IT-Outsourcing