The PartnerGate domain management system enables registrations for virtually all top level domains available worldwide. For many top and second level domains, the registration processes fully are automated.  

Domain Management System

At the epicenter of our offerings is the domain management system, which is named PartnerGate as well. Designed as a Software-as-a-Service solution, it guarantees fast and reliable registration and administration of large domain inventories in real-time. Our system is build in a modular fashion to best address your requirements. Choose exactly the components that you need for your business model. This reduces complexity and allows an efficient use of our system.

You decide on how to access the system: choose one of our APIs (SOAP/XML or mail) for the integration of our domain management tool in your customer application. By accessing our web front-end you benefit from the extensive tools and easy-to-use interface.

DNS Module

With the name server module, PartnerGate provides a highly available infrastructure. Five name servers, regionally distributed and operated in different autonomous systems, offer the highest level of availability and resiliency.

Your options: use our standard servers with neutral names (example:, or use an alias host name such as “” for virtual name servers. You have the option to configure directly to the name server via the domain management system when you use our name server module.

Save time and create a lean structure. Our name server module integrates the dual configuration process, which would be otherwise necessary when you run your own name servers, into one simplified user interface. 


Highest Availability for Domains

A stable, performant and 100-percent available DNS network is indispensable for the accessibility of web offers. Due to new and more and more refined threat scenarios, the challenges to the name server infrastructure for the operation of corporate websites and e-commerce platforms have clearly increased.

Therefore, conventional DNS structures inevitably touch their technical limits. If that is not recognized in good time, providers and their customers run the risk of suffering lasting damage because of a limited availability.

More Information:

Anycast Technology

PartnerGate Integration and Whitelabel Capability

The name server installation is fully integrated into the PartnerGate ordering process, which guarantees an interruption-free ordering process with immediate DNS provisioning for the web-front-end user.

Own alias host names of the customer (e.g.,, etc.) can be installed for the partner and its resellers, when required.

Advantages at a Glance

  • Fail-safety: 100% availability of the DNS service guaranteed
  • Optimum performance: Improvement of the access time
  • Up to 100 resource records per zone inclusive
  • Easy administration via the PartnerGate web interface
  • Analysis options: Traffic statistics per zone
  • Quickest-possible fault clearance: Monitoring around the clock
  • Continuous extension: Server locations are continuously extended
  • Future-proof: Support of IPv6 and DNSSEC
  • Own DNS alias host names are possible
  • Integration of a hidden primary is possible
  • Flexible pricing model: Costs are only incurred for active DNS zones
  • No contract commitment: Monthly accounting and termination
  • No set-up costs, basic charges or minimum turnover

Redirect Module

Our redirect module allows selective forwardings for domains and e-mail. As a provider you’ll benefit from additional cost savings, because you don't need to allocate the required hardware by yourself. In addition, redirecting is an essential tool for your customers in regards to search engine optimization for their web site.

With the redirect module you can choose from "Header-" or "Frame Forwarding”. This service can only be used in connection with the PartnerGate nameserver module.

Reseller Module

Gain more sales! Set up your sub-accounts for customers or resellers. With the PartnerGate reseller module you can offer larger customers direct access to their domain inventory. Further expand your sales channels by offering reseller access to a fully functional domain management system, organized conveniently beneath your own account. Add even more potential with the ability to set up sub-reseller accounts (multiple levels available).

A Variety of Design Possibilities
With the white label version, you can modify the web interface in terms of layout and design according to your design ideas and even add a logo of your choice. Send system messages with your own signature or define your own favicon. There are several individual options regarding the design of customer or reseller accounts when you use the Private Label option from PartnerGate. Get more details here.

A Flexible Interface for Customer Account Management
With our user-friendly interface, you can manage all your customer or reseller accounts, individually. Manage all your customer and reseller accounts. Assign rights and define your own prices schedules for each customer or reseller account. Price lists can be exported as .csv files, TLDs can be unlocked for respective customers or resellers individually and then they can further activate TLDs by themselves.

Dynamic Pricing and Accounting Features
Additionally, templates can be created (e.g., prices for certain gTLDs or ccTLDs) and combined. Also a general price adjustment (percentage or absolute up or down) is possible. If you prefer to bill domains from your customers or resellers in another currency, simply select the desired one.

As built-in safety function, if you enter a price lower than your purchase price it will then appear in red.

For your billing purposes our domain management system provides the necessary billing data monthly as a .csv file. This file contains an itemized list for each customer or reseller account separately.

Registrar Module

The registrar module is directed towards companies that desire to outsource the technical operation of their own registry accreditations.

Your advantages:

  • Benefit from our know-how being a registrar for many years.
  • Save costs by outsourcing the entire technical operation. Use your staff more effectively and profitably for projects in-line with your core business.
  • Increase your efficiency by consolidating your registration systems. Let the PartnerGate domain management system become your single central solution for all domain-related operations.

For those that have been reluctant to obtain their own registry accreditation because of limited resources or challenges in developing their own registration system, the registrar module provides the ideal solution:

  • We actively support you in obtaining your own accreditation to ensure that you fully meet the technical requirements.
  • Rapidly benefit from your own accreditation through a direct business relationship with the registry.
  • Benefit from your newly acquired status when dealing with your customers.

Case Study: Claranet selects PartnerGate

This case study shows how the European specialist
in managed IP services improved its operative
efficiency with PartnerGate.

 » Download Case Study

Trustee Services

Not every TLD can be registered by just anyone. Some registries require an address or a contact within in their own country. PartnerGate offers a trustee service, also known as local presence service, for the accurate registration of the domain.

PartnerGate provides for an increasingly growing number of TLDs trustee services. A current overview can be obtained from our sales department.

SedoMLS Module

Parking and trading domain names has become an attractive growth market. With PartnerGate you can easily participate in this very interesting secondary market. Park your domains, or take advantage of our easy-to-use, fully integrated SedoMLS interface to facilitate both the purchase, as well as the sale of domains.

PartnerGate is one of the first partners of Sedo worldwide, and as such, is a premium provider of the SedoMLS interface. Because of our relationship, you’ll see the prices of already registered domains, which are available for sale at Sedo. Through the participation of the world's largest registrar, Go Daddy, you’ll increase your chances to get a desired domain name, even if it is possibly already in use. In addition, you can offer your own domains at a fixed price. For both, buying and selling of domain names, the transfer is done automatically via the domain management system. Interested? We're happy to provide more details, please contact our sales team.

DISPUTE Monitoring Module

With the DISPUTE Monitoring Module you can easily figure out if an active DISPUTE-entry exists for a .DE domain that is registered through PartnerGate. Two possibilities are available:

Inventory monitoring:

With this option, your total inventory of .DE domains is monitored – optionally you can also include the domains of your resellers. Interval checks can be done on a daily basis (Premium) or on a monthly basis (Standard).

Domain monitoring:

You define a list of the domains that need to be checked. For each domain the Premium or Standard interval check can be chosen.

Domain Vault

The Domain Vault in PartnerGate offers additional protection from a non-authorized deletion of domains. Through a two-way authentication process, an alternate password is required in addition to the normal password for the deletion of a domain. This function can be obtained via mobile phone app, browser plug-in, token or smart card.

Hacking the one-time password is useless, since the code is valid only once and for 30 seconds. In contrast to normal access password, it is generated over and over again. In addition to the normal password, a hacker would have to obtain your mobile phone, which is registered with PartnerGate account in order to attain a one-time password.

You can also use the Domain Vault system as a more secure log-in process. The log-in to the PartnerGate domain management or the reseller system is then only possible with the additional one-time password.