Spam and Virus Protection

In the area of spam and virus protection, PartnerGate relies on the technology of leading providers. SecureMX utilizes the extremely sophisticated appliances from IronPort, a subsidiary of Cisco Systems. In addition we offer a very cost effective spam and virus protection solution from SpamExperts. Both implementations are operated as a managed service, which greatly decreases your administrative efforts.


Architecture: Multi-Layer Concept
The multi-phase concept from SecureMX guarantees the highest possible protection – with minimal risk of false-positives at the same time.

Accuracy: Filter 98% of Spam
The two-phase spam protection consists of a patented reputation-filter and a follow-up anti-spam filter. Because of this, the system achieves an accuracy of more than 98% spam filtering. (Source: independent test of TÜV Saarland)

First Wall of Protection: The Reputation Filter
The reputation filter serves as a primary protection and, like a firewall, blocks a majority of all undesired delivery attempts (SMTP connections). Incoming emails will be rejected directly at the gateway if the reputation value of the sender is bad. This saves time, bandwidth and resources.

Real-time Analysis: SenderBase
Based on the SenderBase reputation filters, this is the world's first and largest network for monitoring and evaluation of global email traffic. SecureMX collects global data on more than 100,000 networks; this offers an unprecedented overview of current security threats – in real time! SenderBase values are based on over 110 parameters, including a legitimate sender, and is considered to be the most trustworthy.

Triple Sure: Multi-Layer Virus Protection
Two independent anti-virus engines of renowned specialists McAfee and Sophos are complemented by the Virus Outbreak Filters, assuring the early detection and control of new outbreaks.