SSL Certificates

SSL certificates provided by our partner, Comodo CA provide a secure data transfer and can usually be provided within minutes of accessing your PartnerGate account. All certificates can be ordered either using a fully integrated structured process via the web interface or can be implemented in your own user interface using the SOAP/XML or Mail Gateway API , respectively.

Domain Validated

At PartnerGate, Domain Validated (DV) Certificates are called Login SSL Certificates. They connect client and server via an encrypted connection. The validation is completed exclusively by sending an email to standard email addresses, which is associated with the domain name. The identity of the domain holder, etc. is not verified for this kind of certificate.

Organisation Validated

Organisation Validated

With these certificates, the identity of the certificate owner “the organisation” is being verified and then embedded into the certificate. PartnerGate also offers TrustLogo verification, which through a simple mouse-over can visibly verify the certificate owner identity. During the verification of the certificate owners identity, not only will an email be generated, but additionally, a search for corresponding entries in commercial or association registers will be performed. PartnerGate has automated these functions in the web interface making it unnecessary for the customer to send in relevant documents. Only sole proprietorships or individuals will require identity verification. For increased security reasons, the identity of the certificate holder is also verified via a phone call.

Another advantage of these certificates is the insured value, which is issued by the CA. In the highly unlikely case of fraud, the certificate owner will be guaranteed a certain amount of financial recourse. In addition to an OV Certificate (Organisation Validation or Corporate SSL), PartnerGate also offers an eCommerce SSL Certificate enabling the customer to use the Credit Card TrustLogo, which can be used to verify the authenticity of the credit card payment process. Also, the CA provides a higher insured value for the transaction.

Certificate of Extended Validation

Certificate of Extended Validations

Currently the highest level of online security is achieved through the use of Extended Validation (EV) Certificates. Applicants must not only meet the criteria of OV Certificates, but must also meet the conditions of “advanced identity verification” which is subject to the scrutiny of the CA. After that there is a validation of the address using worldwide address and commerce registries, as well as a verification by telephone using a telephone number listed in public phone directories. The certificate is being issued currently only to registered companies. This extended validation is represented by means of a green security bar in the navigation field of the browser, if a valid EV Certificate exists. The appearance of this conveys a much higher level of trust for the end user. Research has proven that online shops using an EV Certificate have significantly less transaction cancellations.