Success in the internet services marketplace relies on tailor-made solutions, products and services that suit your business needs. With the PartnerGate domain management system, you’ll enjoy safe, fast and dependable registrations and management of large domain inventories in real-time. Benefit from our modular, expandable system and our responsive, professional support team to assist with your technical and administrative questions or issues. Additionally, our reseller system gives you access to new channels of distribution to generate additional business.

Cost Savings

Does a cheaper domain price equal cost savings? This is generally not the case because the total cost is often more than the purchase prices for domains. Our Cost Investigator analyzes your individual requirements to show where and how you can make your domain management more efficient. What makes us so sure? More than 1.8 million managed domains from our partners attest to our leading position amongst the registrars for resellers in Germany.

Try our Cost Investigator and save!


Web hosting providers know about the price pressures caused by more and more competition. Our solution: reduce your operating costs through process optimization and increased automation. PartnerGate offers domain management in real-time via a SOAP/XML API. Our direct EPP-connections to many registries make registration and administrative jobs a quick and smooth process. With our bulk order functionality, even complex transactions can be easily accomplished directly and cost efficiently.


Should you save costs and do-it-yourself? Or, should you outsource and have more time for your core business? Often, in-house production can be expensive, slow and ineffective. Keeping up with the changes in your registration system, caused by changes within the registries, is time-consuming and will divert resources away from your core business. Outsourcing the development and operation of the registration system can often provide a better solution.
Domain management is our core competence and we possess long-time expertise. Processes that are time consuming or require intensive training for your employees are routine for us. It’s different at PartnerGate; our connections to the registry systems require that we, as an accredited registrar, are always up-to-date in order to offer the corresponding TLDs. Your benefit: we save you valuable time.

Multi-Client System

Why wouldn’t you allow your customers have access to their domain inventory? And who wouldn’t like to increase their sales channels with a single stroke?

PartnerGate offers a fully multi-client domain management system that can be used by your customers and resellers. You define the access; which rights are assigned to this account, allowing you retain full control. Layout and design can be customized according to your ideas and specifications. The reseller module is offered as a special white label version: you choose the color scheme, add wallpaper and logos of your choice. We even provide an individualised, built-in pricing system for your resellers or customers. In addition, you are able to create sub-resellers to map complete corporate structures or distribution chains.

Complete Offer

Need just one or need it all; PartnerGate lets you choose which TLDs, SSL certificates or other services you would like to source. More importantly, you as our partner always have access to a variety of products. We currently offer more than 300 TLDs, a complete portfolio of SSL server certificates, spam and virus protection solutions for provider, a website builder, as well as a variety of additional services related to domains.

Your direct advantage: by focusing on one supplier to source a variety of products, you’ll save time and money. The simplicity of working with just one supplier will streamline procedures and processes and make placing orders easy via a common on-line ordering interface.

TLD Operators

Finally got your own TLD allocated? Now it comes down to successful marketing. For many operators of new gTLDs such as: .BERLIN .RUHR or .BMW the question then arises, can a registrar system manage both, their own and other TLDs? As an ICANN-accredited registrar, we are in a position to be able to offer all new gTLDs.