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Our team has the resources, knowledge and expertise to identify and address challenges and to perfect solutions. The service of our consultants is at your disposal for all your technical and sales requirements. Whether you are looking for an efficient way to market your projects or manage your project remotely. The PartnerGate team is at your side to take your business forward.


Johannes Steck
Johannes SteckGeneral Manager / Authorized Representative

With the company since 2001; stations from programming, project management, sales and business development form the basis for a holistic way of thinking and a sustainable corporate culture.

Dieter Schweiger
Dieter SchweigerCOO

Responsible for ensuring that all the wheels mesh together in the best possible way and that the right course is set for the future.


Maximilian Preuß
Maximilian PreußMarketing

Finds only lasagna even better than marketing. Likes to ride his motorcycle into the sunset.

Service & Operations

Olivier Guerdan
Olivier GuerdanHead of Service & Operations

Always has an open ear for all kinds of questions, aches and pains and sometimes even for small talk. This is where you will receive help.

Oktay Yürük
Oktay YürükSupport / Customer service

Specialised in support for domains and SSL certificates. Joined PartnerGate in 2011. His interests are sports, astronomy and hiking.

Evan El Abdalawi
Evan El AbdalawiSupport / Customer service

Years of experience in IT and support. Problem solver, all-rounder, mountain biker, gamer and husband.

Hanna Pfadenhauer
Hanna PfadenhauerSupport / Customer service

Newest member of Partnergate. Contact person in support with focus on domains and SSL certificates. Working for PartnerGate since 2021.

Technical department

Andreas Danzer
Andreas DanzerCTO / Technical Director

Has been responsible for the operation and further development of the PartnerGate infrastructure for more than 20 years now: from the ISDN dedicated line with one server to the current cloud setup. Contact person for services, network and related infrastructure. In his spare time he can be found in the mountains or fishing along the Isar.

Christian Ambil
Christian AmbilSystem Administrator & Data Protection Officer

Christian Ambil is working for PartnerGate GmbH since 2001. When he is not riding his mountain bike over trails or standing at the grill, he is responsible for the operation of the server systems, applications and the network. Since mid-2018 he has been responsible for the transformation to a DevOps corporate culture.


Sebastian Reimann
Sebastian ReimannDeveloper

Longtime developer and “Mr. PartnerGate”. Especially when it comes to backend, registry and supplier interfaces as well as billing and security. In his spare time he can be found in the PHP User Group Munich.

Manuel Düchs
Manuel DüchsDeveloper

Tricky development topics and the implementation of complex customer requirements are his essential areas of responsibility. Puts his stamp on the development team with collegiality and helpfulness.

Jörg Moldenhauer
Jörg MoldenhauerDeveloper

Expert for Continuous Integration, Standards, Frameworks and Pizza. Eats bugs for breakfast.