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Security as Managed Service

For spam and virus protection, PartnerGaterelies on technology from leading security solution providers. Our SecureMXservice is based on the high-quality platform from IronPort, a Cisco Systems company. In addition, with the VM variant we offer a particularly cost-effective solution for operating a dedicated instance for your specific customer requirements. Both implementations are operated as a managed service and protect mail traffic, regardless of whether the domains are managed by PartnerGate or by an external provider. This considerably reduces your administration effort.

Effectively blocks email advertising and viruses

The SecureMX virus filtersorts out unwanted advertising (spam) and harmful file attachments such as fraud and Trojans before they reach your mail server. Incoming e-mails are first routed through the external SecureMX server, which filters out spam and virus-infected messages. The system works extremely effectively because it not only uses the so-called ‘reputation filter‘, but also uses Anti-Malware Protection (AMP) and an external sandbox to detect and isolate suspicious malware before it is officially known or can cause damage. E-mails from untrustworthy IP addresses are hence not even accepted or marked accordingly. Other filters sort out emails that carry typical spam characteristics and quarantine them for 30 days. From this memory it may be possible to retrieve mails wrongly classified as spam (false positives). The TÜV (Germany’s Association for Technical Inspection) has verified that this is the exception, but good spam protection is the rule: The auditors attested the reliability of SecureMX with the “TÜV-Certified Managed Services” certification mark.

SecureMX’s multi-level filter concept guarantees the highest possible protection – while minimizing the risk of false positives.

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The two-stage spam protection consists of a patented reputation filter and a downstream anti-spam filter. For example, the system achieves a success rate of more than 98% in preventing spam (source: independent tests by TÜV Saarland).

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The reputation filter serves as an external protective wall and, like a firewall, already blocks the majority of all unwanted delivery attempts (SMTP connections). Incoming e-mails are rejected directly at the gateway if the sender has a bad reputation. This saves time, bandwidth and resources.

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The basis of the reputation filter is SenderBase: The first and world’s largest network for monitoring and evaluating global e-mail traffic. SecureMX collects data from more than 100,000 networks worldwide. This provides an unprecedented overview of current security threats – in real-time! SenderBase evaluates the trustworthiness of e-mail senders based on over 110 parameters and reliably identifies legitimate senders.

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Two independent anti-virus engines from renowned specialists McAfee and Sophos are complemented by the virus outbreak filter. It ensures the early detection and prevention of new virus outbreaks.

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