Support as a Service

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Support as a Service

More capacity through outsourcing

In the context of a total cost consideration, expenses for customer service often represent a considerable cost block that is not in proportion to the generated revenues. Outsourcing to a competent partner is a cost-saving solution here.

Our account managers are experts for your domain support.

They are able to provide diverse and proactive technical support while maintaining the patience and social skills to deal with frustrated customers to resolve their technical issues. A customer support interaction should start when the customer reaches one of your channels with a problem and the interaction should not end until that customer is satisfied with the assistance received.

Support-as-a-Service – as flexible as your needs

Outsourcing customer support can help dynamically growing companies to limit their own peak and downtime without having to maintain their own support teams at high costs. This applies especially for business capacity bottlenecks or for vacation periods. Companies of all sizes use on-demand call centers to rapidly grow their own resources and deliver a world-class customer service experience.

This is where on-demand support teams or “Support-as-a-Service” come into play. In contrast to traditional outsourcing, our Support-as-a-Service makes your customer’s positive experience its top priority and convinces with direct solution competence in all domain questions.
We take care of your domain-specific customer requests at short notice and reduce your support efforts!

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