Domain Registrars

with own registry membership

Efficiency Through Outsourcing

PartnerGate is the specialist for worldwide domain management. In our portfolio, we offer target specific products and solutions that professional users expect from an ICANN-accredited registrar.

For domain registrars with existing or planned own memberships with registries, the development and adaptation of registration systems means a high but necessary effort. Ongoing changes to registries often tie up unplanned resources and are not part of the core business for many Internet service and web hosting providers.

Our registry account management is aimed at companies who wish to have their own memberships or accreditations with registries operated technically.

Benefit from our years of registrar know-how and save costs by outsourcing the entire technical operation. This allows you to deploy your employees more effectively and profitably for projects within your core business.

Increase your efficiency by consolidating your registration systems on the PartnerGate domain management system as a central solution for all domain-related processes.

For those who have so far refrained from the technical effort involved in realizing their own accreditation, the administration of your registry membership is also the ideal solution.

We actively support you in obtaining your own accreditation and ensure that you fully meet the technical requirements.

You will soon benefit from your own accreditation through the direct business relationship with the registry (DENIC,, SWITCH, eurid etc.) and the most favourable purchase conditions for domains.

PartnerGate Services for Domain Registrars







Wide selection of top-level-domains available

Multi-client capability and individual assignment of rights

Personal support is always nearby

The PartnerGate Approach

We analyze your needs and offer solutions for the managing large domain portfolios. Everything is from one source, multi-client capable, with the best cost-benefit model for your specific needs. The PartnerGate domain management system allows you to obtain and manage domains of all available top-level domains fully automated. With PartnerGate you also have a direct sales tool at hand: a multi-client capable system that allows you to create accounts for your customers and resellers.

With us, bulk buyers and resellers choose the specialist for professional domain management. Since 1996 we have been dealing with the domain industry in the B2B sector and manage over two million domains for our customers worldwide. We offer you not only one of the most comprehensive domain portfolios, but also a stable and mature domain management system with attractive additional products.

Our focus is on personal service and individual solutions for our partners.

We always respond to the special needs of our partners, fair and individual pricing ensures optimal purchasing conditions. The sales volume is taken into account as well as individual support needs and specific special requirements.


A long lasting success story

“We got to know PartnerGate as a committed partner around domain services,
which is also open to individual and new solution ideas”.

Andreas Gundelach, Managing Director

Greenmark IT GmbH

Focus on core business

“We have internalized the topic of reselling and have aligned our processes to make reselling as easy as possible for our customers. For the technical administration of our registry memberships, the multi-registrar system offers the optimal platform to outsource complex systems, allowing us to fully focus on our core business”.

Oliver Elste, Managing Director

Smart-NIC GmbH

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