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Through the PartnerGate domain management system almost all worldwide available domain extensions can be ordered. For many top and second level domains the registration processes are fully automated. Designed as a highly available software-as-a-service solution, it ensures secure, fast and reliable registration and administration of extensive domain portfolios in real time – via a convenient web interface or via SOAP API. In order to cover your requirements in the best possible way, our PartnerGate has a modular structure. You choose exactly the building blocks you need for your business model. This reduces complexity and enables efficient use of the system.

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How you access the system is up to you. Choose one of our APIs (SOAP/XML or Mail) to integrate our domain management tools into your customer application. With the use of our web interface, you benefit from the intuitive user guidance system and a variety of helpful tools.

Set up your own customer or reseller accounts. With the PartnerGate Reseller Module you can offer larger customers direct access to their domain inventory. You could also expand your sales channels by offering reseller accounts that provide a fully functional domain management system under your own account. You even have the possibility to set up accesses for sub-resellers on multiple levels.

With the PartnerGate registrar system you can set up your own customer or reseller accounts and define both the sources of supply and the sales conditions. As a PartnerGate client, you can manage all customer or reseller accounts, assign rights and are able to assign your own prices for each customer or reseller account and bill them via your own or integrated interfaces to payment providers (e.g. Billomat).

The multi-registrar system is aimed at companies that want to operate their own memberships or accreditations with registration bodies or want to integrate additional suppliers to avoid transferring existing domain portfolios. You are therefore able to increase your efficiency by consolidating your registration systems onto the PartnerGate domain management system as a central solution for all domain-related processes.

With the white-label version you can change the web interface in layout and design according to your creative ideas and integrate a logo of your choice. You can also create your own favicon and send system messages with your own signatures. With PartnerGate Private-Label, you benefit from even more individual possibilities for the design of customer or reseller accounts.

As a PartnerGate client, you can manage all client or reseller accounts, assign rights and even set your own prices for each client or reseller access via the convenient user interface. Price lists can be exported as .csv files, TLDs are “unlocked” for the respective customers or resellers and then “activated” by them via their own access.

The most reliable and available system offered. The integrated DNS management offers five unicast name servers on a highly available infrastructure on regionally distributed, autonomous systems as well as AnycastDNS with DNSSec. You can use our standard servers with neutral names (e.g., or use alias host names such as for virtual name servers. As a provider, you benefit from additional cost savings, as the need to purchase the appropriate hardware is eliminated.

The redirect function allows you to set up targeted forwarding for domains and mails. You can choose between “header” or “frame” forwarding.

Not every TLD can be registered without restrictions. For example, some registries require an address or contact person in their national jurisdiction. Here PartnerGate offers the possibility to use a Trustee Service, also known as Local Presence Service, for the correct registration of the domain.

In addition, our Whois-Privacy-Protection Service offers the possibility to store neutral owner contact data for a large number of gTLDs and thus prevent spam and unwanted requests.

Trade with domain names has developed into an attractive growing market. With PartnerGate you have the opportunity to participate in this very interesting secondary market without much effort. Park your domains or use our convenient, fully integrated SedoMLS interface to manage both the buying and selling of domains.

As one of the first Sedo partners worldwide, PartnerGate is a premium provider of the SedoMLS interface, which displays prices of already registered domains for sale at Sedo. The participation of the world’s largest registrar, Go Daddy, in this network increases the chances of getting your desired domain name, even if it may already be taken. You can also offer your domains at a fixed price. For both purchases and sales, the transfer is automated via the domain management system.

Whether it is simple DISPUTE monitoring, with which you can determine whether a .DE domain registered through PartnerGate is subject to a DISPUTE block by DENIC, or convenient monitoring of all domain-related processes: with our monitoring tools, you always have everything in sight!

Domain monitoring:
During the inventory monitoring your entire .DE inventory is being checked – optionally also the domain inventory of your resellers. You can choose between premium (daily) and standard (monthly) checking intervals.

Domain Guardian:
You create a list of domains to be monitored. For each individual domain, the premium or standard service can be set as the check interval for a series of events (owner or DNS update, etc.).

Additional protection against unauthorized deletion of domains is provided by our Domain Safe within PartnerGate. Using the two-way authentication procedure, a further passcode is requested in addition to the normal login password when a domain is deleted. This passcode is generated by mobile phone, browser plug-in, token or smartcard.

Spying out a one-time password is pointless. Because the code is only valid once and for 30 seconds. In contrast to the normal login password, it is newly generated every time. In addition to the normal user password, an attacker would also have to gain possession of the mobile phone whose identification (credential) is stored at PartnerGate in order to enter a valid one-time password.
Besides the extended protection against unauthorized domain deletion, the Domain Safe can also be activated as an additional protection to the User Login. Registration with the PartnerGate or Reseller system is then then only possible with a valid one-time password as well.

The world’s first iPhone app for mobile domain registration and management of domain portfolios is called Domains2Go. The application can be installed on the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Through direct communication with the registration system, Domains2Go reduces the necessary data exchange to a minimum, as no complete websites have to be loaded. Users benefit from much faster access to the PartnerGate domain management system.


  • Availability check: The availability of domains under more than 300 domain extensions can be determined immediately. A free domain can be registered with one “click”.
  • New domain registration and transfer: Customers with a PartnerGate or Reseller account can place orders to register or transfer a domain in seconds.
  • Whois query: For a registered domain, the owner and contact data can be retrieved.
  • Domain inventory: All domains in one simple overview. Status colors indicate successful registration, transfer in progress, and more. Search and filter capabilities support control of your domain inventory.
  • Domain details and history: display of owner data, contact handles, name servers and the history of updates etc.


Convenient and powerful…

“PartnerGate not only enables us to technically administer our own DENIC membership, but also provides us with a convenient and powerful domain management system for the administration of our customers’ domain holdings”.

Olaf Fischer, Managing Director

Claranet GmbH – Managed Services Provider

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